Angelo Mathews Labeled Shakib Al Hasan as “Obviously Disgraceful”, an Unprecedented Dismissal in International Cricket

In a recent World Cup group match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, international cricket witnessed a never-before-seen occurrence that left fans and players alike in disbelief. Angelo Mathews, a stalwart of Sri Lankan cricket, became the first player in the history of international cricket to be dismissed timed out. This unprecedented event occurred due to a peculiar helmet malfunction, leading to a wave of controversy and debate.

The Helmet Malfunction

The drama unfolded when Angelo Mathews was gearing up to face Bangladesh’s Shakib Al Hasan. Just as Mathews was tightening the strap of his helmet around his chin, it broke. In a matter of seconds, the Sri Lankan batsman called for a replacement helmet, which was swiftly delivered by Chamika Karunaratne. Little did anyone know that this simple equipment malfunction would lead to an extraordinary turn of events.

The Timed-Out Dismissal

As Mathews was not ready to face his first ball within the stipulated two minutes, according to ICC playing conditions, Shakib Al Hasan initiated a discussion with the umpire, Marais Erasmus. This discussion ultimately led to Mathews being informed that he had been timed out. It made him the first player in international cricket to suffer this fate.

The Controversy Unfolds

The timed-out dismissal raised numerous questions and sparked controversy within the cricketing community. Mathews, who had been on the pitch and was not attempting to waste time, was left bewildered by the decision. The Sri Lankan batsman engaged in lengthy discussions with both Marais Erasmus and square-leg umpire Richard Illingworth, seeking clarification on the decision.

Mathews’ Strong Response

In the aftermath of the incident, Angelo Mathews did not mince words in expressing his frustration and disappointment. He labeled the actions of Bangladesh’s captain, Shakib Al Hasan, and the team as “obviously disgraceful.” In his 15 years of international cricket, Mathews claimed that he had never witnessed a team or player stoop to such a low level.

He found it unfortunate that the incident occurred against Bangladesh, as he believed that no other team would resort to such tactics. Mathews emphasized that he was ready to face the ball within the two-minute window and that the helmet strap issue was beyond his control.

The Handshake Controversy

The controversy did not end with Mathews’ dismissal. Sri Lanka’s players refrained from shaking hands with the Bangladesh side after the match. Mathews stressed the importance of mutual respect and common sense, as players and umpires are ambassadors of the game.

Umpire Admission and Technology

Mathews also revealed that the on-field umpires had admitted their error in not checking the elapsed time between the previous dismissal and his helmet strap issue. This admission added another layer of complexity to the situation.

The incident has brought the role of technology and the strict interpretation of rules into question. Mathews argued that common sense should prevail in situations like these, where equipment malfunctions are beyond a player’s control.

A Historic Cricketing Moment

Angelo Mathews‘ historic timed-out dismissal will be etched into the annals of cricketing history. This extraordinary incident has not only sparked debates but has also raised questions about the interpretation of rules and the need for flexibility in the game. Mathews’ dismissal will remain a unique and memorable chapter in the sport’s history.