India’s Asian Games Win Boosts 2028 Olympic Cricket Hope

The Rise of Cricket in Global Sports Events

Cricket, a sport deeply rooted in the traditions of countries like India, has been making significant strides on the global stage. The recent success of cricket at the Asian Games has not only boosted its popularity but also reignited the debate about its inclusion in the Olympics. The sport’s last appearance at the Olympic Games was in 1900, with only two teams competing. However, its recent success at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham has caught the attention of many, including International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach.

Thomas Bach’s Affection for Cricket

IOC President Thomas Bach hints at cricket’s potential inclusion in the 2028 LA Olympics. Recalling his personal experience with the sport, Bach mentioned playing cricket during a visit to Fiji. He emphasized that the decision now lies with the Los Angeles 2028 Organising Committee. The Twenty20 cricket format is favored for Olympic inclusion due to its fit with the Games’ schedule.

The Road Ahead for Cricket’s Olympic Dream

The Los Angeles 2028 Organising Committee has the responsibility to propose the inclusion of cricket. They are expected to present their proposal to the IOC Executive Board, which will make the final decision. Cricket is among nine sports being considered for addition to the Olympic programme, alongside others like baseball/softball and karate. The decision on new sports will be finalized at the IOC Session in Mumbai from Oct 15-17.

A Historic Moment for Cricket

The potential inclusion of cricket in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics would mark a significant milestone for the sport. For countries like India, where cricket is more than just a game, this would symbolize global recognition and respect. The journey from local playgrounds to the grandeur of the Olympic stadium would be a testament to the sport’s enduring spirit and the passion of its fans.


The success of cricket at the Asian Games has undoubtedly paved the way for bigger aspirations. As discussions and decisions unfold, cricket enthusiasts worldwide await with bated breath, hoping to witness their beloved sport’s Olympic debut in 2028.

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