Mhambrey Coach Urges Smart Workload Plan for India Pacers

Mhambrey Insight on Pacers’ Workload

With the ICC World Cup 2023 concluded, India’s focus shifts to managing the workload of its pace bowlers. Bowling coach Paras Mhambrey highlights the importance of a strategic approach, especially with a packed schedule of seven Tests from December to March. The trio of Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, and Mohammed Siraj, who have been instrumental in India’s World Cup journey, now face a challenging period of continuous cricket.

The Impact of Intense Schedules

The Indian pace attack, led by Shami’s 24 wickets, Bumrah’s 20, and Siraj’s 14, has been a force in the World Cup. However, the intensity of their schedules raises concerns about their long-term fitness and effectiveness. Mhambrey acknowledges the need for careful planning to ensure these key players remain at their peak without succumbing to injuries or burnout.

Opportunities and Challenges Ahead

While acknowledging the challenges, Mhambrey also sees this as an opportunity to develop bench strength. The focus is not just on managing the current pace battery but also on nurturing upcoming talents like Mukesh Kumar, Prasidh Krishna, Avesh Khan, and Kuldeep Sen. This approach is vital for sustaining India’s pace attack’s potency in the long run.

Mohammed Shami Remarkable Comeback

Mohammed Shami performance, particularly after missing the initial games, has been a highlight. His return and impact throughout the tournament serve as a testament to his skill and resilience. Mhambrey praises Mohammed Shami ability to positively influence the game, underlining the importance of managing such talent wisely.

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