Mitchell Starc Warns Perera: AUS vs SL World Cup Crease Alert

A Gentle Warning to Perera

In the high-voltage World Cup 2023 match between Australia and Sri Lanka, Australian pacer Mitchell Starc showcased a moment of sportsmanship. In the very first over, Starc noticed Sri Lankan opener Kusal Perera leaving his crease prematurely. Instead of seizing the opportunity to run him out, Starc chose to halt his run-up and issue a courteous warning to Perera. This act was a testament to the spirit of the game, emphasizing fair play over competitive advantage.

Repeated Caution in the 5th Over

Starc’s vigilance didn’t end with just one warning. In the 5th over, he once again paused his run-up, this time to check if Perera was still adhering to the rules. Fortunately, Perera was well within his crease, indicating that Starc’s initial warning was heeded. Such moments highlight the underlying respect players have for each other, even amidst the intense atmosphere of a World Cup match.

Starc’s History with Non-Striker Warnings

This isn’t the first instance where Mitchell Starc has been in the limelight for his approach towards batters at the non-striker’s end. Previously, during a T20I match against England, Starc had warned Jos Buttler, referencing India’s Deepti Sharma. Starc’s consistent approach towards this aspect of the game showcases his commitment to upholding cricket’s values.

The Mankading Controversy

The act of running out a batter at the non-striker’s end, often termed ‘Mankading’, has been a topic of debate in the cricketing world. While it’s within the rules of the game, many view it as against the ‘spirit of cricket’. The MCC even shifted its wording from ‘Unfair play’ to ‘Run out’ to better define this type of dismissal. Starc’s decision to warn instead of dismissing is a nod to this ongoing debate, emphasizing sportsmanship over strategic gain.


Mitchell Starc‘s decision to warn Kusal Perera rather than capitalizing on a potential run-out opportunity has once again sparked discussions on the ‘Mankading’ controversy. While the rules permit such a dismissal, Starc’s gesture is a reminder that the spirit of cricket often transcends the written regulations, emphasizing respect, fairness, and the true essence of the sport.

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