Pathways to the 2023 Cricket World Cup Semi-Finals

As the 2023 Cricket World Cup group stages draw to a close, the battle for Cricket World Cup semi-finals berths has intensified. With India, South Africa, and Australia already securing their places, the focus now shifts to the remaining contenders: New Zealand, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Netherlands. Each team faces a unique set of challenges and opportunities as they strive to extend their World Cup journey.

India | Dominant Display (Qualified)

Wins: 8 | Losses: 0 | NRR: +2.456 | Remaining Opponent: Netherlands

India has showcased a masterclass in cricket throughout the tournament, clinching a semi-final spot with an unblemished record. Their final game against the Netherlands is more about maintaining momentum as they have already guaranteed the top position in the group.

South Africa | Steady Surge (Qualified)

Wins: 6 | Losses: 2 | NRR: +1.376 | Remaining Opponent: Afghanistan

The Proteas have booked their semi-final berth with consistent performances. Their upcoming match against Afghanistan is a chance to solidify their strategies and secure a favorable semi-final draw.

Australia | Assertive Advance (Qualified)

Wins: 6 | Losses: 2 | NRR: +0.861 | Remaining Opponent: Bangladesh

Australia has confirmed their semi-final spot with a decisive victory over Afghanistan. Their remaining fixture against Bangladesh is an opportunity to fine-tune their strategy as they prepare for the knockout stage.

New Zealand | Narrow Path

Wins: 4 | Losses: 4 | NRR: +0.398 | Remaining Opponent: Sri Lanka

The Black Caps currently hold the coveted fourth position, but their margin for error is slim. To secure their semi-final spot, they must triumph over Sri Lanka and maintain a net run rate superior to Pakistan and Afghanistan, who are hot on their heels.

Pakistan | Precarious Position

Wins: 4 | Losses: 4 | NRR: +0.036 | Remaining Opponent: England

Pakistan’s pathway is clear but challenging. They must outplay England in their final match and hope for a New Zealand stumble. A significant victory margin could be crucial if it comes down to net run rates.

Afghanistan | Uphill Battle

Wins: 4 | Losses: 3 | NRR: -0.338 | Remaining Opponent: South Africa

Afghanistan faces a tough opponent in South Africa. To keep their semi-final hopes alive, they need a win and favorable outcomes in the matches involving New Zealand and Pakistan, coupled with a substantial boost to their net run rate.

The Netherlands | Long Shot

Wins: 2 | Losses: 5 | NRR: -1.398 | Remaining Opponents: England, India

The Dutch team’s scenario is the most complex. They must win both their remaining games against formidable opponents. Also, They rely on New Zealand, Pakistan, and Afghanistan losing their remaining games and must maintain a superior net run rate compared to these three teams.


The race to the semi-finals is a testament to the competitive spirit of the 2023 Cricket World Cup. With each team facing a different equation to qualify, the final matches of the group stage promise to be a spectacle of high stakes and intense cricket action.