R Ashwin Gears Up for ODI World Cup with TN Club Game

R Ashwin Remarkable Comeback

Ravichandran Ashwin, the veteran Indian spinner, has made a striking comeback in the ODI series against Australia. Despite a 20-month absence from the format, Ashwin’s performance has been top-notch, showcasing his unwavering skills and determination.

Strategy and Mindset

In the second ODI against Australia, Ashwin’s strategic gameplay and mindset played a crucial role. He successfully took three significant wickets, including those of Marnus Labuschagne and David Warner, contributing to India’s victory.

Working on New Techniques

R Ashwin has been diligently working on his grip and other techniques at the NCA with spin bowling coach Sairaj Bahutule. His efforts have paid off, as seen in his successful gameplay and wicket-taking abilities in the recent matches.

Prepared for the World Cup

With the World Cup on the horizon, Ashwin’s recent performances have solidified his position as a valuable player for India. His continuous improvement and adaptability make him a strong contender for the World Cup squad.


In conclusion, R Ashwin preparation and performance in the TN club game have set the stage for his participation in the ODI World Cup trials. His unwavering commitment to enhancing his skills and contributing to the team’s success is commendable and holds promise for India’s performance in the upcoming World Cup 2023.

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