Tamim Iqbal Blasts BCB Over World Cup Opt-Out


In a shocking revelation, Tamim Iqbal, the renowned cricketer, has publicly expressed his discontent with the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). Iqbal, who was initially part of the Bangladesh squad for the ODI series against New Zealand, has opted out of the 2023 ODI World Cup, citing the board’s pressure and manipulation.

Tamim Iqbal Statement

Iqbal disclosed the reason behind his absence from the World Cup in a Facebook video. He shared a conversation with a top-level board member who suggested he manage his back injury and not play the first match against Afghanistan. Despite his assurance of recovery within 12-13 days, the board insisted on him batting down the order, a position he has never been in during his 17-year career. Feeling forced and manipulated, Iqbal decided not to be a part of this “dirty game.”

The Backstory

Iqbal was part of the Bangladesh squad that played the recently concluded ODI series against New Zealand at home and scored 44 in the second ODI. This was his first innings back in international cricket since reversing his decision to retire in July. Despite his injury layoff, Iqbal felt confident and in decent shape for the World Cup.

Clearing the Air

Addressing the local media reports, Iqbal clarified that he never told the selectors that he would play only five matches in the World Cup considering his long-term back injury. He expressed his disappointment and frustration at the board’s handling and the unnecessary controversy created around his World Cup participation.


Tamim Iqbal’s decision to opt out of the World Cup has created a stir in the cricket world. His revelations about the BCB’s involvement have added to the controversy. Fans and fellow cricketers await further developments and responses from the Bangladesh Cricket Board regarding this issue.

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