Virat Kohli Wide Ball: Kettleborough’s IND vs BAN Decision

The Controversial of Virat Kohli Moment

In the recent IND vs BAN World Cup 2023 match, a delivery by Nasum Ahmed to Virat Kohli became the talk of the cricketing world. While it appeared to be a wide ball, umpire Richard Kettleborough did not adjudge it as such, raising eyebrows and sparking debates among fans and experts alike.

Expert Opinions

Many cricketing legends, including Harbhajan Singh, weighed in on the matter. The consensus was that the ball should have been declared wide. However, the decision remained, and Kohli went on to score a century, further fueling speculations.

Umpire’s Perspective

Reports suggest that Kettleborough believed the ball had spun sharply, which brought it within the permissible limit. While some argue that the decision was made to favor Virat Kohli century, others believe it was a genuine judgment call by the experienced umpire.

Virat Kohli Fans React

Social media was abuzz with reactions from fans about Virat Kohli’s recent performance. While some praised Kohli’s skill and execution, others felt that the controversial non-wide call overshadowed his achievement. Memes, tweets, and debates specifically focusing on Virat Kohli flooded online platforms, making it one of the most discussed moments of the match.


While the wide ball controversy during the IND vs BAN match has stirred debates, it’s essential to remember the spirit of the game. Umpiring decisions, right or wrong, are part and parcel of cricket, and respecting them ensures the sport’s integrity.

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